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Chisholm Trail Bison Co.’s bison are ranch-raised within the Chisholm Trail corridor or a 500 mile radius from Fort Worth, Texas and Region VI of the National Bison Association. Live bison and existing meat inventory are both sourced and sold from select local ranches, where the weather, grasses and the overall plains ecosystem are living conditions that bison thrive in. Partner ranches responsibly produce some of the cleanest and best tasting bison meat in the country. We aim to fulfill all of your bison meat needs and can accommodate multiple types of package arrangements, whether standard or custom, including bison steaks, cutlets, ground, sausage and other special meats for bulk wholesale, restaurant, and individual sales.


Bison are typically processed anywhere from 18-30 months of age, and are either bulls (ideal) or heifers and occasionally may be more mature cows or bulls. Meat packages are vacuum sealed for safe and extended freezer time and protection from freezer burn. The intent is to restrict sales to customers located within the Trail corridor, for a variety of reasons such as; to prevent sales from being only transactions and accommodate relationship building with you and the rancher, to best provide a sustainable product and supply to the region’s communities, while aiming to establish a market that reduces barriers to entry for new producers that want to enter the industry and contribute to restoring this magnificent species population.

Founded by Corey Cofer, Chisholm Trail Bison Co. is an advocate for the industry and ambassador for the restoration of bison, a meat broker in Region VI market of the National Bison Association, and assists producers in the operations, schedule coordination and forecasting for animal processing for a more sustainable market, facilitates private field harvesting and butchering, and promotes partner ranches, animals, and operations through network connections, marketing, technology and consulting services.​ With family roots dating back to 1951 in the commercial raising of turkey, angus and hereford beef, sheep and swine, feedlot operations, meat-packing and butchering, BBQ, restaurant and remote oilfield/operations and event catering sectors; it is in our blood to provide sustenance to the surrounding community. In other words, growing demand and selling meat has long been a family pursuit.

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