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Chisholm Trail Bison Co. exists for the purpose of bringing producers and buyers/consumers together in such a way that contributes positively to the industry, and the sale of bison animals and meat. We are an industry ambassador for the cooperative efforts to Bison restoration. Our capacity and mission is laser-focused within a ~500 mile radius of Fort Worth, Texas; once a major commerce area on the historic Chisholm Trail and centrally located within Region VI of the National Bison Association (TX, OK, NM, AR, LA). Our namesake is envisioned as The Backbone of the (local) region, where our bison are raised and sourced from the lands that our ranchers and customers know and revere. We are a partnership of multiple bison producing teams across the region as well as a growing list of renowned restaurants, chefs, markets and butchers, and passionate business people who are building a sustainable supply chain of bison animals and meat.


Our focus is Building Back Bison not only through animal and meat marketing, but through the use of technology to create a more transparent and cooperative infrastructure. We believe through a cooperative effort and shared purpose between producers, marketers, and customers that America’s Mammal can be restored and an enhanced environment can be enjoyed by more people and wildlife.

We believe consumer demand is the key, and consistent supply and quality is the solution.

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